TransformTopekaKS.org serves as a site for gathering and disseminating information from entities promoting transformation in Topeka, Kansas.

About Us

In the spring of 2011, a small group of interested believers began to meet for the purpose of bringing the Hope for America Tour to Topeka, Kansas.  From this beginning, the discussions soon turned toward answering the questions of "What is transformation?" and "How does it come?"

These one-hour meetings have continued, and progress is being made toward casting the vision of transformation in the capital of Kansas.

Contact us at TransformTopekaKS@gmail.com. 
Mary Meens - originator of the Topeka Transformation vision
David Epps - National Day of Prayer Topeka coordinator

Nell Thompson - technical services
Ken Oldridge - logistical services

Partnering Ministries have included:
Aglow International of Topeka
Capital City Christian Chamber of Commerce
Capitol Commission
Chi Alpha Student Ministries
Christians for Life
Concerned Women for America
Culture Shield Network
Metro Voice News
Capitol Commission
National Day of Prayer Topeka
Operation Rolling Thunder Topeka
Point Man Ministries
Topeka House of Prayer
Topeka North Outreach
Youth for Christ