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Awakening Freedom Tour Challenged, Inspired

The Awakening Freedom Tour came to Topeka Bible Church on May 3. 2014.  This tour across Kansas seeks to inform Kansas Christians about our true heritage and to inspire us to begin to walk into our true destiny.
The faith of our Founding Fathers is what launched this exceptional nation. Revisionist history has neglected to inform us of this, so one goal of this conference was to set the record straight.
Neil Mammen
Keynote speaker Neil Mammen is an author, apologist, physicist, international speaker, and engineer by day. Neil took his topic from his book, 40 Days Toward a More Godly Nation. How do we turn our nation back to God? God has judged every other nation when they turned away from His moral laws. Is our nation due for punishment and correction? How do we reduce poverty, crime and child abuse? The Bible has the answers to all of these questions and most of them point directly to the Church.
Governor Brownback is passionate about the spiritual history of Kansas. He shared stories about our Kansas heroes and encouraged the gathering to stand fast for the faith. Kansas has a rich history of fighting for freedom. We can once again rise and be a light to the nation. We cannot move forward in our legacy if we don’t know our heritage.
Donna Lippoldt spoke on the Key to Equipping & Mobilizing Believers.  Donna is the National Day of Prayer Coordinator for the state of Kansas, National Governor’s Prayer Team Leader for Kansas, and serves as Director of Culture Shield Network.                                  
 Information about future Awakening Freedom Tour events may be found at the Culture Shield Network website CultureShield.com.  Other tour sites have been Lenexa and Wichita in Kansas, and Jefferson City in Missouri.