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Beginner's Course Comes to Topeka

The Beginner's Course of the Journey to Transformation came to Kansas August 16-18, 2012.  This dynamic program was presented in person by George Otis, Jr., of the Sentinel Group, a worldwide leader in documenting and promoting societal transformation. 
   Confronted with mounting global turmoil, many Christians are finding themselves increasingly disenchanted with the religious status quo. Program activities abound, but their lives and communities are strangely unaffected. Something is missing. . . but what? They want to experience the transforming power of God in their communities, but they are stymied by their lack of knowledge about what, if anything they can do to bring this blessed condition about.
   The Journey to Transformation process is the fruit of more than a decade of research in hundreds of transformed communities. It is based on principles that simply work. 
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